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Obtain A Visa

Finding applying for a visa a little daunting? We provide assistance from Trusted Portuguese Immigration Lawyers to help with processing your application, submitting your documents: and preparing you for your interview.


About Us

Our team of Portuguese Legal Attorneys offer professional immigration services and legal assistance for visa applicants and those requiring a NIF number and bank account to be opened remotely.

Services & Rates

Legal Assistance from Portuguese Immigration Lawyers

NIF Number


Certify documents via video call

Apply for NIF

Process takes approximately 2 days

(estimated time based on provided documents and not guaranteed)

NIF number and Bank Account


Certify documents via video call

Power of Attorney (limited timeframe)

Apply for NIF and Bank account

Process takes 2-3 weeks

(estimated time based on provided documents and not guaranteed)

Consultation with Immigration Lawyer


Live video chat with a Portuguese immigration lawyer to answer your questions


Visa Application Legal Assistance


Identification of best visa for client

Video calls with immigration lawyer

Document checking & Guidance

Unlimited questions answered


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a visa?

It generally takes 2-4 months to be approved for a visa, but that time varies depending on different territories.

Are you actual immigration lawyers?

Yes, unlike many "relocation specialists", everyone who provides legal assistance on is a Portuguese immigration lawyer.

Can you help me get a Golden Visa?

Unfortunately that program looks like it has been shut down. Alternative visas include the D7 and D2 visas. Contact us for more information about which visa might be right for you.

Do I need a NIF number and bank account?

Obtaining a NIF number (tax ID for Portugal) and bank account are required when applying for a visa.

Can I open a bank account remotely?

Yes, our legal team can set up your bank account remotely by video call. Ask us for more details.


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