Golden Visa: The Investment Route

The Golden Visa, also known as the D3 visa, is a popular choice for investors looking to obtain Portuguese residency through investment. Previously the Golden Visa was available for real estate investment but that has been stopped. However, in 2024 there are still plenty of options to invest in funds. It offers several investment options, making it one of the most flexible paths to Portuguese residency. Here’s who the Golden Visa is right for:

Suitable Applicants:

  • Investors willing to invest 500k euros into a fund.
  • Investors willing to invest 280k in a cultural program.
  • Individuals seeking a secure and flexible path to EU residency.

Minimum Financial Requirements: The financial requirements for the Golden Visa vary depending on the chosen investment route. As of my last update, one of the most common routes was investing at least €280,000 in Portuguese cultural program, but other options, such as investing in an investment fund are more secure. Some offer 5-10% return each year on investment and you receive a full refund on your investment once you secure your golden visa. A win win for many investors.

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